Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Read This 2012 Creative Reading Prize

The Read This 2012 Creative Reading Prize is a competition for people aged 12-18.  It is open for entries now! (Entries close on 31st May.)

Got a favourite book? Think everyone should read it?

Here's your chance to convince them - and win!

You might not only have them reading it but you could also share in $40,000 worth of prizes.

Simply submit a creative idea in ANY FORMAT YOU CHOOSE, but here are some ideas to get you started:

*    illustrate your favourite scene/character
*    create an art piece
*    make a video trailer or a machinima trailer
*    write a poem or a song
*    sew a costume
*    make a model
*    print a T-shirt
*    write a short story using the characters/setting (feel free to add zombies)

Be as creative as possible  - whatever works for you!

Full details are on the Read This website .

If you live in Mandurah and enter this competition, then Mandurah Libraries would love to hear from you so we can create an exhibition and event around local entries.  Please contact the National Year of Reading Project Officer, Deidre Robb on 95503237 or

Chick Lit ROCKS!

The March topic for the Online Book Club @ Mandurah Libraries is

 Chick Lit ROCKS!

You choose how you want to contribute: 
  • via Twitter using the #mandurahbc hashtag, 
  • or join the discussion on the Facebook page, (like Online Book Club at Mandurah Libraries)
  • or comment under this month’s topic on the Online Book Club blog.
Time to indulge in your favourite Chick Lit authors; Jill Mansell, Milly Johnson, Katie Fforde,  Kathy Lette and Marian Keyes. Let's get reading!

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Love2Read @ The Eastern Foreshore

Throughout the National Year of Reading 2012, Roving Readers will be out in public providing fun reading experiences at various Mandurah playgrounds, markets and public spaces.  We wear the Love2Read logo like the one above.  Do come and say hello when you see us and we'll be happy to share a story with you and your children.

You are invited to come and meet the Roving Readers and listen to them read stories on

Saturday 10th March,

between 2 and 4pm

at the Eastern Foreshore

(near the playground.)

Or better still, come and join in with this informal celebration of reading!

Bring your picnic rug or folding chair and some favourite reading material, then simply get reading in whichever way you please.
  • Read stories to the children in your care.
  • Read love poetry to your beloved!
  • Read jokes with your mates.
  • Read aloud to an elderly friend.
  • Read a play you are rehearsing.
  • Share excerpts from the brilliant novel you are writing.
  • Simply sit and read a novel or the newspaper to yourself, as being a reading role model is very important too.

People of all ages are welcome

and encouraged to join in.

For other times and places to catch the Roving Readers, keep an eye on the Calendar of Events page.

Monday, 20 February 2012

The First Wednesday Book Club

You are invited to the inaugural meeting of the

First Wednesday Book Club
Cafe Pronto
(corner Pinjarra Road & Mandurah Terrace, Mandurah)
Wednesday 7th March from 7pm-9pm

The topic of discussion at this book club is simply “great reading”.

This is a book club for:
  • keen readers who love discussing what they are reading and have recommendations to share;
  • those who do not want to commit to reading one particular title each month;
  • busy people with limited time for reading for pleasure.  Come along and get that must-read recommendation to inspire you to treat yourself to more reading time; and
  • those who can’t promise to make it every month but would love to attend whenever they are able.

Share your opinions on the latest adaptations of books to movies, TV shows or stage productions (One for the Money, We Need to Talk about Kevin, The Slap, The White Divers of Broome to name a few).

Pass on reading material you have finished with or take away one of Mandurah Libraries’ “Read and Release” books.

Let others know about an interesting magazine you have discovered, an addictive blog you love or any other great reading.

Treat yourself to a glass of wine, a delicious dessert or tasty snacks from Cafe Pronto’s menu.  Have a fun evening sharing the joy of reading in the company of other keen readers.

Please feel free to invite your friends and pass this message on.

If you can’t make it this month then never mind, put the next First Wednesday, 4th April, into your diary now!

This book club is hosted by City of Mandurah Libraries as part of the National Year of ReadingIt is open to everyone but please RSVP to Deidre Robb on 9550 3237 or so we can advise Cafe Pronto of estimated numbers.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Champagne Life on a Beer Budget

Writers in the Library @ Falcon eLibrary and Community Centre

Tuesday 21 February @ 6.30pm
Falcon eLibrary and Community Centre
Cnr Flavia Street and Cobblers Road
Falcon WA 6210

Having achieved her dream of financial independence after making every possible mistake along the way, Maree Wrack has written the book she wished was available for her 20 years ago.  Her personal journey changed direction from spendthrift to wealth builder.

Maree will share her simple, quick and easy strategies for making the most of your money and your life.  Copies of "Champagne Life on a Beer Budget" will be available for purchase and signing.

Light refreshments of wine and cheese will be provided.  Bookings are essential.

Book your seat @ the Library
Phone 9550 3230
or email

Monday, 13 February 2012

Library Lovers Day promotion

February 14th is a special day for many people but did you know that it is also Library Lovers Day?

As part of Library Lovers Day 2012, the Mandurah Libraries are giving away a Kindle ebook reader!

Simply collect a promotional postcard (see picture above) from either Mandurah Library or Falcon eLibrary and Community Centre and tell us what you love about your libraries.

Then send the postcard via post to the City of Mandurah (reply post paid).

The promotion runs from 14th February to 13th March so get in quick!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

46% functional illiteracy - really?

You may have seen us use the following message in our communications about the National Year of Reading 2012:

Nearly half the population struggles without the literacy skills to meet the most basic demands of everyday life and work. There are 46% of Australians who can't read newspapers; follow a recipe; make sense of timetables, or understand the instructions on a medicine bottle.

The 46% statistic has generated a lot of discussion and concern. Naturally people are horrified and disbelieving.  If you are interested in finding out about the research behind the message then here is some information for you.

The original statistics for the 46% came from the 2006 Adult Literacy and Life Skills Survey

Another interesting survey is one completed by the Australian Industry Group in May 2010.  It found that more than 75% of major employers felt their businesses were affected by low levels of literacy and numeracy in the workforce.

Improving those figures is obviously a huge challenge.  The City of Mandurah has decided to make family literacy initiatives a priority during National Year of Reading 2012 as these provide hope for future generations. 

The most active period of brain growth and development is from birth to three and it is widely recognised that sharing books with young children before they go to school greatly improves their chances of developing good literacy skills. When children learn to love books as babies and toddlers, they are more likely to become good readers in the early grades, and better learners throughout their school years and beyond.

Our goal is to help parents and caregivers to understand that regularly sharing books with their children, even for as little as ten minutes a day, really will help to improve those statistics for the next generation.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Send us your favourite quotes please

As part of the National Year of Reading 2012, Mandurah Libraries will be running a fun activity based on quotes at the 2012 Channel 7 Mandurah Crab Fest. Our activity is called Quote me! and....

we need your help!

Please send us your favourite quotes.

We need the details of who said or wrote the quote wherever possible.   In addition to the usual utterances of famous people, we’d also love to include your favourite lines from books, poems or movies, great song lyrics, or anything else that means something to you. 

We are after a wide range of inspiring, uplifting, thought-provoking or humorous quotes. 

They can be on any topic but extra thanks to anyone who can source some on the theme of action sports (so wake boarding, waterskiing, freestyle motocross, BMX and skateboarding) to tie in with this highlight of the 2012 Crab Fest program.  Please don’t send quotes that are insulting to any individual or group of people and remember they must be suitable for use at a family event.

Then come along and visit the National Year of Reading and Mandurah Libraries team during Channel 7 Mandurah Crab Fest on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th of March.  Peruse the whole range of quotes collected from our community, select one you like to take away and wear, and maybe spot someone else in the crowd wearing the quote you contributed.

Please leave your quotes as comments on this blog or email them to with Quotes in the subject line.  Many thanks for your help.

Next time you are in Falcon eLibrary and Community Centre, look around and up to see the quotes that are part of the building including this one by Groucho Marx that makes many a visitor stop, read and smile:

Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside a dog it's too dark to read.